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Considering a New Years Resolution? Don't Forget Your Mental Health

As you are adjusting to the new year, don't forget to consider incorporating positive changes to strengthen your mental health. As a spike in reports of anxiety and depression continue to rise it is important to consider active steps you can take to improve your mental health.

Here are a few of our recommendations:

1. Make goals with actionable and achievable steps.

Once you establish your goal break it down

into smaller trackable goals and praise

yourself as you progress. Acknowledging

your progress will help you stay


For example, if you set a goal to be a

happier person. Think about a time when you

felt happier and the factors in your life

during that time that contributed to your

feelings of happiness. Break down your

larger goal into smaller goals

incorporating factors that help you to feel

fulfilled, such as, journaling nightly,

spending more time with friends, and/or going for walks

more often. This will help you acknowledge and tack

achievable steps to meet your goal.

2. Spend some time strengthening your inner connection.

Life is busy and it is easy to get stuck going

through the motions. However, we suggest

spending time connecting your mind and

your body. There is evidence that suggests

that those who are more connected with

their body and emotions are better at

managing their emotional responses.

To strengthen your mind and body

connection try spending a few minutes each

day bringing your focus in on your breath

and inspecting your body with curiosity.

This will help you build your mind and body


3. Acknowledge your inner dialogue.

How do you speak to yourself? The way you treat

yourself matters, and you should treat yourself just as

kindly as you do your best friend. Don't be hard on

yourself and embrace your humanity, even the not so

shinny parts. Reducing self-judgement and increasing

self-respect will help you build a more positive outlook

from within.

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